Neighbourhood Watch

‘Memories of Frost’

Psychic Investigator Hamilton Coe surrounded by characters associated with film noir and crime fiction. Featured characters include Orson Welles in Touch of Evil, James Stewart in Rear Window, Hayley Mills in Tiger bay, Richard Attenborough in brighton Rock, Clifton Webb in Laura, Robert Mitchum in Night of the Hunter, roman Polanski in Chinatow, Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple, Ivor Novello as The Lodger, Patricia Highsmith, Lino Ventura, Alain Delon Gene Tierney

Dateline Drumfeld – Wednesday

Spent the morning reading some of Anne-Marie’s poems. They seem very accomplished – sensitive without being cloyingly so and illuminated by flashes of insight. In ‘Mission Statement’, for example, a cat sits on the window ledge, staring back at the narrator with an expression of ‘insolence and regret’. This, I assume, is a metaphor for friendships lost and opportunities squandered. Later, in the same poem, she follows ‘a shadowed path, leaving parts of myself in its puddles.’ Is this, I wonder, the path that led to Steven?

Book Group – Death on Credit

Psychic Investigator Hamilton Coe surrounded by allies and adversaries. Featured characters include Chester Himes, Roots Manuva, Judge Dredd, Patricia Highsmith, Dennis Hopper, Donna Tartt, Genesis P Orridge and Jean Seberg

Dateline Drumfeld – Tuesday

Tonight’s book group was at Christine’s. A pointless and rancorous exchange about Celine’s ‘Death on Credit’ – my suggested novel – which nobody else had bothered to finish. Pauline, in fact, confessed – apparently without embarrassment – that she hadn’t even started, an admission I thought should have invalidated her presence at the meeting. The evening might have been wasted were it not for Izzie’s revelation that she went to school with Anne-Marie Osler. “We weren’t particular friends, but she was nice,” she said. “Jessica keeps up with her – she writes poetry…”

Meet The Oslers

Psychic Investigator Hamilton Coe surrounded by allies and adversaries. Featured characters include Anthony Blunt, GZA, Smiley Culture, Ewen Bremner as Spud, Debbie Harry, Donald Pleasence, Roots Manuva, Divine, John Maus, Judge Dredd, Erkan Mustafa as Roland Browning

Dateline Drumfeld – Monday

My new neighbours have finally moved into Number 12 – the Oslers: Anne-Marie seems agreeable but I was less fussed about Steven who appeared five minutes into our conversation and, on being introduced, demanded, “So what do you do?” As I offered a precis of my employment history, he stared at me with a strange expression that might have indicated belligerence or incredulity – before I could finish, he turned to Anne-Marie, grimaced and disappeared into the kitchen. I think that he was trying to be humorous in the genially blunt manner adopted by boors and numbskulls, though it occurred to me later that he might have incurred an injury in the process of moving – solvent exposure, for example, or a blow to the head.