A Furtive Donation

Psychic investigator Hamilton Coe surrounded by allies and adversaries. Featured characters include James Ellroy, Susan Tully from Grange Hill, Jean Seberg, TV Smith, Judge Dredd, Poly Styrene, Miranda Richardson, Jilted John, Honey Bane, Michael Redgrave as Maxwell Frere, Robocop, Debbie Harry

Dateline Drumfeld – Thursday

The Oslers, I’ve noticed, are keen joggers – usually setting out around seven p.m. and returning an hour or so later. Steven, invariably, starts the stronger, but is trailing by the time they return – on reflection, this seems fairly typical of the man.

Tonight, surmising that they might enjoy a refreshment on their return, I left a couple of oranges on the doorstep. No doubt, they’ll spend the evening pondering the identity of their anonymous benefactor! At some point, of course, I’ll step from the shadows and reveal myself – at the moment, though, I’m rather enjoying the mystery that I’ve instigated!

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