How He Played the Game…

Psychic Investigator Hamilton Coe surrounded by adversaries and allies. Featured characters include Donna Tartt, Dennis Hopper, Patricia Highsmith, Vladimir Nabokov, Shirley Jackson, TV Smith, Roots Manuva, John Kennedy Toole, Judge Dredd, Keith Harris and Orville, Honey Bane

Dateline Drumfeld – Friday

Since introducing Jackson to the table tennis club, I’ve had to warn him about gamesmanship on four separate occasions. Team Drumfeld has written rules that specifically forbid offences involving goading or distraction of opponents. Over-celebration is also discouraged. Although there are no written guidelines on winning gracefully, common sense should suffice: a ‘high five’ exchanged with a doubles’ partner is acceptable; a fist belligerently pumped in the direction of a vanquished opponent, Jackson’s customary gesture of triumph, is not.