Gnawing on the Bone of Contention

Psychic investigator Hamilton Coe surrounded by allies and adversaries. Featured characters include James Ellroy, Mark E Smith, Del the Automator, Jean Seberg, Poly Styrene, Bette Davis from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Robocop, Patrician Highsmith, Jilted John, Dr Who Impersonator

Dateline Drumfeld – Wednesday

Pauline has set up a Facebook page for the Hawthorne Crescent Book Group. I thought it best to contact Christine who saw fit, after all, to ignore my reservations and introduce Pauline in the first place. “For goodness sake, Hamilton,” she snapped, irritated by the fact that I‘d interrupted a meeting by inferring a ‘family problem’ “It’s just a bit of fun!”

“But she’s not the secretary,” I protested. “It’s not her place to set up a Facebook page. Even if it was, she’d need to ask for permission. If she really wanted to be a productive member of the group, she might start by finishing a book…”

I might have continued by pointing out the unauthorised dissemination of images and personal data. By this time, though, Christine had hung up and, presumably, returned to her meeting.

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